HiKey 960

The instructions here will tell how to run OP-TEE on HiKey 960.

Supported HiKey960 boards

There are three different versions of the HiKey960 board.

Name Manufacturer Memory Flash Comment
HiKey960 Archermind/LeMaker 4GB 32GB v2 uses DIP Switches (SW2201), rev B has 4GB RAM
HiKey960 Archermind/LeMaker 3GB 32GB v2 uses DIP Switches (SW2201), rev A has 3GB RAM
HiKey960 Archermind/LeMaker 3GB 32GB v1 uses Jumpers (J2001)

UART adapter board

Everything is configured to use the 96Boards UART Serial adapter. The UART is by default configured to UART6. If you have a v1 board and need to use UART5, then you need to change that before building. See CFG_CONSOLE_UART in hikey960.mk.

Build instructions

Just follow the instructions at “Get and build the solution”. If make flash doesn’t work, try make recovery.

For the 4GB RAM board version (rev B), an update to the CFG_DRAM_SIZE_GB setting in conf.mk is needed. Either update the value from 3 to 4 in conf.mk before building, or set the value on the command line when building, i.e make PLATFORM=hikey-hikey960 CFG_DRAM_SIZE_GB=4


If you manage to corrupt the device, such that fastboot doesn’t load automatically on boot, then you will need to run the recovery procedure. Basically what you will need to do is use another make target and change some jumpers. All that is described when you run the target: