Build stable releases v1.0.0 to v3.0.0

Before OP-TEE v3.1.0 we used to have separate xml-manifest files for the stable builds. If you for some reason need such an older stable release, then you can use the xyz_stable.xml file corresponding to your device. The way to init repo is almost the same as described above, the major difference is the name of manifest being referenced (-m xyz_stable.xml) and that we are referring to a tag instead of a branch (-b refs/tags/MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH). So as an example, if you need to setup the 2.1.0 stable release for HiKey, then you would do like this instead of what is mentioned further down in section “Step 3 - Get the source code”.

repo init -u -m hikey_stable.xml -b refs/tags/2.1.0

Here is a list of targets and the names of the stable manifests files which were supported by older releases:

Target Stable manifest xml
AM43xx am43xx_stable.xml
AM57xx am57xx_stable.xml
ARM Juno board juno_stable.xml
DRA7xx dra7xx_stable.xml
FVP fvp_stable.xml
HiKey 960 hikey960_stable.xml
HiKey Debian hikey_debian_stable.xml
HiKey hikey_stable.xml
MTK8173 mt8173-evb_stable.xml
QEMU default_stable.xml
QEMUv8 qemu_v8_stable.xml
Raspberry Pi 3 rpi3_stable.xml