Our preference is to use GitHub for communication. The reason for that is that it is an open source project, so there should be no real reason to hide discussions from other people. GitHub also makes it possible for anyone to chime in into discussion etc. So besides sending patches as pull requests on GitHub we also encourage people to use the “issues” to report bugs, give suggestions, ask questions etc.

Please try to use the “issues” in the relevant git. I.e., if you want to discuss something related to optee_client, then use “issues” at optee_client and so on. If you have a general question etc about OP-TEE that doesn’t really belong to a specific git, then please use issues at optee_os in that case.


You can reach the Core Team by sending an email to op-tee[at] However note that it’s a public mailinglist and not just TrustedFirmware engineers behind that email address.

For pure Linux kernel patches, please use the appropriate Linux kernel mailinglist, basically run the script in the Linux kernel tree to figure out where to send your patches.

$ cd <linux-kernel>
$ ./scripts/ drivers/tee/


Some of the OP-TEE developers can be reached at Freenode ( at channel #linaro-security. Having that said, the activity there is a bit limited, so it is probably not the best place to discuss OP-TEE.

Vulnerability reporting

Please send an email to the address mentioned above (not to TEE-dev). Don’t include any details at this point, just mention that you’d like to report a security issue. An engineer from the core OP-TEE team will get back to you for further communication and discussions about your findings. Please also read the Disclosure policy page and especially the Reporting issues section, so you are aware of the rules we are following.

Core Team

The core team consists of engineers from Related, see the core team at GitHub.