The instructions here will tell how to build OP-TEE for DeveloperBox.

Build instructions

  1. Follow the “Get and build the solution” in build from step 1 to step 3.

  2. Initialize EDK2 submodule

    1$ cd <optee-project>/edk2
    2$ git submodule update --init
  3. Follow “Get and build the solution” step 4 & 5

  4. Stage a new OP-TEE update capsule. This updates TF-A, OP-TEE and UEFI.

    1$ fwupdate --apply {50b94ce5-8b63-4849-8af4-ea479356f0e3} \
    2  > <optee-project>/edk2-platforms/Build/DeveloperBox/RELEASE_GCC5/FV/\


    Change RELEASE_GCC5 to DEBUG_GCC5 for debug build.

  5. Reboot to update.

  6. Follow the rest of”Get and build the solution” from step 7